Keeping a team motivated can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic and what feels like never-ending lockdowns.

Whether you have a small team or part of a large organisational team, keeping them motivated will not only help to keep your business running but will define you as a leader rather than a manager.

Here are some helpful suggestions on what you can be doing to keep your team motivated:

Do more than just listen

It is vital during these times that you check in with your team. There has been a lot of change which for some will be hard to manage and adapt to. Whilst some will have found it easy to work from home, others will not and similarly with the return to work. Don’t assume that your team is ok with the plans for returning to work, it is likely that there is a level of anxiety about returning. Take time to talk about how they feel, what their concerns are and how you can make it easier for them. Be sure to observe their body language as well as what they are saying to pick up on other clues of behaviour shifts.  If you can reassure them that their well-being is a priority then they will feel motivated to work for you and be engaged.

Have regular check-ins

Remember when you used to just chat for 5 mins at the watercooler or coffee machine with Matt from Accounts? Those few minutes of general chit-chat are an important part of team morale. It is those moments when relationships are formed and the relationships with colleagues are a key motivation for some to go to work. Work is more than a job – it is a family, a culture and somewhere people belong.

With the shift to home working those general conversations are still equally important so encourage your teams to connect with each other and have virtual coffees to check in with each other.

Get your team involved with the decision making processes.

When working within offices conversations will flow around new ideas, challenges and progress – they happen without anyone really thinking about it. Conversations might be overheard and a suggestion made or you might be more likely to stop and ask your team a question. This involvement not only helps your team to know and understand what is happening within the business, but also that their opinion is valued and heard.

Hold weekly meetings with your team to talk about any challenges.

Celebrate the wins

This is a big motivator. Get your team involved in celebrating the wins – no matter how big or small. Let them see that despite the challenges that the pandemic brings, there are positive things happening and the organisation is surviving.

Not knowing is what can cause anxiety as people will make up their own story of what is happening.

Focus on short term goals

It is hard to plan ahead at the moment with so much uncertainty and constant changes. Focus on short term goals for the week and the month and how they fit into your 90-day plan.

Within the goal planning make sure that the goals are linked to your vision and your values.

Be flexible

This is particularly important with the introduction of homeschooling for a number of parents. There is added stress and pressure on parents working from home who are having to juggle work and being teachers. If you can offer your team flexibility within their days and support, you will have a much more productive and motivated team.
If possible, help with time management to help split their day.

Overall, the most important thing you can be doing as a leader, to motivate your team is to communicate with them – from listening to how they are, to keeping them updated with company progress, goals and achievements.

If you would like to know more about how to develop a Winning Team – talk to us about how we can help.
Within the goal planning make sure that the goals are linked to your vision and your values.

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